Calling All Authors, Editors, and Cover Designers!

I’ve come to the conclusion that I really enjoy helping other authors find new readers (and readers find new authors), so I’d really like to feature more guest posts.

Authors, do you have advice for aspiring novelists you’d like to share?  Want to talk about the countless hours you spent playing solitaire when you should have been working on your first novel?  Interested in helping newbies avoid the same pitfalls and mistakes you made?  Just want to share a funny story about your life as a writer and pimp your newest book a bit?

You see, every once and awhile I get an email asking if I’ll review a book and feature it on my blog.  And it pains me when I have to turn these authors away because their work doesn’t seem like a good fit for me.  Now, I’m not going to do big feature spots on books I haven’t read.  I just don’t do that because I can’t recommend things I haven’t read.  That’s not what I do.  But I will gladly include links to books I haven’t read at the end of a guest post from their author.

Editors, do you have some good advice for the aspiring novelist?  Mistakes you see consistently in your work?

Artists, would you like to branch out a bit and showcase some of your work?  Explain the cover design process?  Have a chat about image rights?

Then email me at paigenolleyblog at gmail dot com and we’ll see if we can’t get things set up.  This offer is limited only to published (indie, self, or brick-and-mortar) fiction authors, working editors/proofreaders of all flavors, and working book-cover designers (and other such graphic artists).  No genre restrictions apply.  And, good news for the authors: you don’t have to wait for me to read your book first.

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2 comments on “Calling All Authors, Editors, and Cover Designers!
  1. rhchatlien says:

    This is a great offer. I may contact you about it when I get closer to my pub date (which is approximately two months off).

  2. meenas17 says:

    Thanks a lot .
    You like my blog Meenas17’s Weblog..
    Only to day I found that you like my blog.
    I am so delighted..
    I need your advice .I want to publish my poems .
    Tell me which publication would take it up.
    Awaiting your response.

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