A Gathering of Light – A Review

I’m back!  So sorry I’ve been neglecting this blog for over a month now.  Things have been insanely busy with work, a renter moving in, and trying to keep from neglecting my darling fiance too terribly much.  I’m still working on the balance.  In any case, it’s time for a long-awaited book review!  (There will be more of these posted in the very near future.)

I recently had the pleasure of re-reading (that’s right, I’ve read it before) A Gathering of Light by Patricia Iles.

The Blurb:

Union soldier Lieutenant Hixson Morris is dying on the battlefield, gut shot. But instead of dying he finds himself in the care of beautiful, mysterious Sarah Westbay who has a miraculous gift.

Sarah’s tragic and troubled history is turned toward a new hope and a new beginning. In saving Hixson, she saves herself. Hixson learns that he can offer Sarah something that no one else can.

This book contains mild sexual situations and a reference to violence, but is not extremely explicit.
My Opinions:

I don’t give five star reviews often.  I’m a harsh critic.  With a good editor and a bit of elbow grease, this book would be there.  I FUCKING LOVE THIS BOOK.  I cannot say that enough.  I like historical fiction, I do.  I like romance, I do.  I like fantasy, I do.  But, I did not think I would like all three combined in one book.  Especially a book set during the Civil War.  But I did.  Oh my gods, I did.  Patricia Iles has a way of writing which makes one feel as if they are living in the era reading a brand new book.  Some would call her style a bit antiquated, perhaps, but I disagree.  It’s brilliant.  Rarely have I felt so involved, so in a characters head as I felt with both Hixson and Sarah.  I laughed, I cried, I was homicidal, gleeful, and in love.  Patricia Iles has written a masterful character piece which slips and slides from one point of view to another without confusing the reader, or pissing me off.  Normally, I throw tantrums–giant, childish tempter tantrums–when an author can’t stick with one point of view for a whole scene.  Not so with Patricia’s novels.  In A Gathering of Light, I dream-walk with her from one character’s head to another.  There is something beautiful about the head-hopping in this book.  Literary could be the right word to help describe it.  Patricia seems to intuitively know just when to switch characters to keep the reader’s emotions running full steam.

A warning; This book is not for the faint of heart, nor is it for those lacking a heart.  But if you love to live, laugh, cry, and love alongside complex characters, this is the book for you.  I fucking love this novel.  I am sure I will come to it again and again when I need to escape to a world of love, laughter, joy, and pain that is not my own.

Coming Soon:

I’ll be posting my review of Patricia’s second book, A Light in the Mountains in the next few days. Following that, there will likely be an interview of Patricia, and possibly a giveaway of her books.  I’ve also got a Young Adult Paranormal Romance review (Dun, dun, dun!), author interview, and possible giveaway (of the kind of swag you can stick on a window or drink coffee from, even) coming up.  All of that this month! Hopefully.



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4 comments on “A Gathering of Light – A Review
  1. Oh, Paige! Thank you very much for your kind words! I am honored beyond words to have your approval on my stories. I am so looking forward to the interview!

  2. Paige Nolley says:

    Like you didn’t know I was going to say lots of good things. Pffft. Haha. You’re welcome and it’s well deserved.

  3. […] would lose a book several stars for me, but I think this is a special case–just like the first one.  I noticed quite a few dropped letters and other such tiny typos, but only found two places where […]

  4. […] would lose a book several stars for me, but I think this is a special case–just like the first one.  I noticed quite a few dropped letters and other such tiny typos, but only found two places where […]

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