Starbucks + Stuey the Parasite = Hope

Meet Stuey the Parasite.

He is the mascot of Parasite Publications.

The Big, Exciting, Wonderful News:
I just returned from a lovely meeting with the founders of Parasite Publications. Those of you who follow me on Twitter already know I finally swallowed my pride and wrote Sara King about my very desperate financial situation and want to come work with Parasite.

I am so very glad I did. Despite my serious lack of portfolio and industry resume/samples, they’re willing to take a chance on me. It looks like I’ll be wearing several hats, too, which I absolutely love. I’m actually having trouble writing this post because a big part of me just wants to take the night off to revel in this joyful, ecstatic hope. Another piece of me is quietly chanting, “Don’t fuck this up, Paige. Don’t fuck this up,” over and over and over again. We’re talking about my dream job here; doing things I hardly even classify as WORK and being paid to do them. Well, eventually paid.

You see, Parasite Publications, doesn’t work like your traditional publishing houses. The company is not out to make money. Parasite was founded, and is owned, by an author and an artist. The idea is to gather talent under an imprint which screams QUALITY WORK and help the talent to succeed in everything book-related. Everyone who had a hand in a book is paid a percentage of the sales. If I do the cover art, I get a percentage. If I edit, I get a percentage. Copy? Percentage. The company only takes 5% and the author gets the lion’s share at a whopping 60-65%. (Compare that to the New York houses giving authors 8% on the high end.) Oh! And the company plans to use that 5% to invest in the talent.

(The percentages mentioned above could change at any moment and get settled in contracts with individual authors. I am not in charge of them.)

My new and numerous hats:
Nothing is quite set in stone yet, as I still have a few tests to pass, but I do have a handful of projects to get started on, so here’s a quick list of the mighty fine hats I’ll likely be wearing for Parasite.

1. Editor* – The big one. The one who finds errors, points out weird things, has authors rewrite all kinds of things, etc.
2. Copy editor/Proofreader* – The small one. The one who finds all the little typos and fixes them. And maybe checks a few facts too.
3. Cover Artist* – Yep, I might just get paid for my habit of spending too much time playing with photo-manipulation software.
4. Seeker of Talent – Y’all know I read a lot, right? Well now when I read I get to think about whether or not an author could benefit from this Parasite movement. If I happen to find something wonderful which is self published and not getting the exposure it should be (and maybe needs some editing to make it perfect), I shall seek out the author and point them at Parasite Publications.
5. Reader of the Slush – I really like to read. Parasite is not currently open for submissions, but when they (we?) are, I’ll be among those who get to dive into the slush pile in search of gems.
6. Basic Grammar Teacher* – What?! It is, indeed, likely that I’ll be teaching some online basic grammar workshops/classes. I’ll be doing a bit of research, getting my hands on some new books, and making lesson plans and things over the next couple weeks.
7. Is a secret for now, but also a devourer of time.

(*These are dependent upon my passing a few tests with flying colors.)

A Writing Challenge:
Parasite does not publish smut. But, in an effort to assist me with my goal of not freezing to death this winter, I was given a challenge. Write six erotica stories of the naughtiest variety by November, edit them, make cover art, and publish them. I’ll be doing this under yet another pseudonym of the cheesy variety. If you have any ideas for a good pen name or a scene you’d love to read, throw ’em my way.

Effects and What Not:
Given my workload has just increased rather drastically, posts may slow down a bit around here. I’m spending this evening (early morning really) making efforts to get ahead a bit in my posts. I will do my best to make at least one blog post each week, and will definitely be including a lot about the company I’ll be working with, the lovely hats I’ll be wearing, the smut, and all the things I learn along the way. I still plan to post book reviews with interviews to follow, and encourage submissions for my reviewing pleasure (a post about review submissions is forthcoming), but reviews and interviews will take a bit longer than they have thus far. I’m hoping to keep making at least one quality post every week, but I’m sure there will be weeks in which I’m absolutely swamped and that doesn’t happen. I ask for your patience while I get into the groove of this new, busy, wonderful rhythm.

The Future:
I have interviewed Heidi Garrett and expect to post her interview within a week of this post. I’ll have the post created tonight or tomorrow, but need to send the finished draft to her for a big ol’ stamp of approval.

Patricia Iles has agreed to be interviewed and I’m working on her interview questions. Her interview will take place via email and could take a full week to complete. Hopefully it’ll be posted shortly after I post reviews of her books (yes, books). I’ve already written a review of the second book in her Civil War paranormal romance series, but decided to reread the first book so I could write a quality review for it. I’m about halfway through and loving it just as much the second time around. I’ll post the review of book one, then book two, then the interview sometime in the next few weeks. I may space them out a bit in order to keep content appearing here fairly regularly.

Sara King has also agreed to be interviewed, but that may not happen until Spring, as she plans to unplug and just write for the winter.

The fabled PCOS post is on the way and will be posted before the end of the month, likely in the next couple days.

All Together Now:
Things are looking way, way up. A weight is lifting. I have my work cut out for me. I’m all kinds of excited. Things may slow down on this blog and on Twitter. New posts are forthcoming. Parasite Publications is great. Lots to do. Send me ideas and suggestions and things.


I'm a writer.

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10 comments on “Starbucks + Stuey the Parasite = Hope
  1. Great Balls of Steaming Sweetbreads! That is exciting news! Congratulations, Paige…I know you will surely rock their world. And that does, indeed, sound like a dream job. You go, girl! I haven’t even met you, and feel extremely proud of you and deeply impressed.

    • Paige Nolley says:

      Aww! Thanks, Trish! At least now you know why I haven’t added anything to our giant email in a few days. I’m going nuts with stuff to do! LOL.

      An email is forthcoming, though; I promise. 🙂

  2. Nicole Bross says:

    Congratulations! It sounds like a whole lot of awesome.

  3. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Congrats and Good Luck!

  4. Heidig says:

    Paige, what exciting news!!!! CONGRATULATIONS!!!!

  5. liamodell1 says:

    Congratulations! What great news! 🙂

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