Nandana’s Mark – A Review

I just finished Nandana’s Mark by Heidi
and I liked it quite a lot. We’ll get to the stars

The Blurb:
Melia has always wanted to fly, away.

From her two sisters, who’ve found their place in the Enchanted World,
despite being half-faeries with no wings.

From her mother, the full blooded faerie who practices black magic,
and weeps every night when she thinks her daughters aren’t listening.

But mostly from her father, the mortal druid who broke his faerie
troth, and lives to reunite with Melia’s mother. He believes
incarnating Umbra—the one entity everyone in the Enchanted World
fears—will give him the power to return to the Realm of Faerie.

But Melia comprehends the horror of Umbra far better than her father ever will.

Umbra seduces.
Umbra corrupts.
And Umbra destroys.

When her best friend—a pixie named Tatou—urges Melia to turn to the
mysterious Illustrator for help, she gives Melia the courage to
challenge her father.

As secrets are revealed and a family’s dark legacy spins out of
control, Melia’s wish to fly comes true.

It’s just not quite what she expected.

My Opinions:

This book falls in that gray area between Kill it with
and Best. Book. Ever. as most do. I give it a solid 3 stars. It’s a lovely start to a fantasy series and I like it quite a lot.

The good:
I enjoyed reading this one. It’s a light, easy read which leaves one
questioning what good and evil really are. Above all, I enjoyed the
story. It does not follow conventional plot arcs, which was really
quite refreshing. The characters are well developed and very
interesting. The webs weaved by these characters and their many
secrets are intricate and lead to some quite complicated plot lines
and millions of questions. While not many of these questions are
answered in the end, the conclusion left me satisfied and excited to
read the second book.

The not-so-good:
The prologue irked me. Really, the book would be better without it
because it contains only background information which is revealed,
again and better, later in the book.
Many of the character, race, and location names are a bit challenging
to pronounce, so I found myself stuck staring at a few of them trying
to decide which pronunciation to go with, which pulled me out of the
book a bit.
Then, we come to the issue of the characters. They’re not flat, but I
had trouble really caring about them. I think, perhaps, their emotions
aren’t shown and told quite well enough. I found myself wishing I
could feel for them in key moments, but I simply couldn’t.
The story is told from quite a few points of view, which I typically
enjoy. However, several new characters’ points of view were used for
the first time towards the end of the book, which irritated me. These
later scenes could have been told easily (and probably with more
emotional resonance) from the perspective of one of the main
characters. It wasn’t necessarily a bad thing, but it bugged me.

I would definitely recommend this book to anyone who enjoys fantasy
and is looking for a light read, and I’m definitely looking forward to
the next book in the series.

Coming soon:
Soon, I will post an interview with Heidi Garrett as a companion to
this review. The plan is to post a review, then interview the author
when I’m able to do so. Heidi has already agreed to the interview, I
just need to come up with some questions for her.


I'm a writer.

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5 comments on “Nandana’s Mark – A Review
  1. Heidig says:

    Sorry, I am late to this:) I just wanted to say thank you so much for answering my twitter call and taking the time to read and review Nandana’s Mark!

  2. […] I recently had the pleasure of interviewing Heidi Garrett. I recently reviewed her debut novel, Nandana’s Mark. Haven’t read the review? Clicky. […]

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