Uninspired — Let’s Talk About Content


Decisions, decisions…
Since Friday, I’ve been looking at this blog saying, “Damn it. I need to add content,” and having some issues figuring out what I’d like to write about. I mean, it’s my blog. I can write about anything I like, right? That’s the problem. Too many options. I’d like to write about the publishing industry, but I’m a far cry from an authority on the subject and can only regurgitate information from other sources.

I could prattle on and on about the painfully slow progress of writing my book. But constant updates which barely fill a sentence and don’t offer any new insights aren’t particularly interesting, are they? Best I save micro blogging for Twitter, methinks.

I could rant endlessly about the current political climate in the United States, I really could. I’m convinced politicians are trying to make my head explode there’s so much stupid going on right now. On both sides. However, this isn’t a political blog and I’m trying to keep my lovely new pseudonym non-partisan and untarnished by the vitriol that is so frequently wrapped in political diatribe.

Or, I could talk about religion, but I’m quite certain that would just lead back to politics.

I could always whine about how poor I am, how cold it’s getting, how much it’s going to cost to turn the heat back on before winter hits… And I could always beg for money. People live reading about that, right? And who wants their favorite blogger-writing-a-novel to starve and freeze to death, literally? I could even create a new PayPal account for donations. But I really don’t think anyone would donate. Times are tough and a day job doesn’t seem any nearer for me, why should anyone give me their hard-earned money?

Actual future content ideas…
• I read. A lot. In fact, I average two or three books a week if they’re interesting enough. Mostly, I read fiction of many flavors. My favorite genres tend to be paranormal, urban fantasy, epic fantasy, psychological thrillers, historical fiction, mysteries, and anything involving zombies or a good love story — But I’ll give just about anything a shot. I download thousands of free books for my Kindle (I’m poor and I like to try new authors, sue me) and sometimes pick a title at random.

So, in thinking about the need for new content on this blog, I came to the conclusion that I should start adding book reviews. Small ones, mostly. Books don’t often inspire me to write a thousand words about them, so these reviews will likely be minuscule in comparison to other book bloggers. Reviews definitely won’t become a major focus here. However, I can promise that all reviews will be completely honest.

• I’m planning to write a post about zombies. Just need to do a bit more research and make a big ol’ list of links so I can dissect the phenomenon well. The idea is to compare many and various flavors of zombies. No, I won’t give you details about mine.

• It’s PCOS Awareness Month all September long. That’s what the header image, my gravatar, and presently very teal blog are about. I’m tweeting little bits about it daily, but I’m planning at least one nice big post to help raise awareness. Polycystic Ovary Syndrome is an awful disease which effects millions of women. It’s painful and, often, embarrassing and the leading cause of infertility, yet many people don’t know it exists and many doctors don’t know how to treat it. The PCOS posts will fall into the “Off topic things Paige cares about” category, and I hope they help.

• Brand new idea. Perhaps I’ll add in some author interviews too. I seem to be connecting with quite a few lately. And I do like asking random questions.

• Blog Awards – Yep, got another. But I’m going to post more real content before I accept this one.

Social Media can be overwhelming…
Specifically, Twitter. I’ve only recently started playing around with this Twitter phenomenon. It’s quite fun, but it sure is easy to waste an entire day reading tweets, replying to tweets, tweeting, retweeting, learning new acronyms and hash tags, following people, etc. Very strange, that. I have just about 100 followers now. Started my Twitter account just a few weeks ago – the same day I started this blog, in fact. And I’m already addicted.

I’ll just say this, if you’re not on Twitter, you should be. And you should stalk me too. I’m @paigenolley.

It seems I’m always planning and only sometimes acting on those plans. It’s a process. Until next time, dear readers. Now it’s time for me to get back to shredding a phone book by hand into teeny tiny confetti in my freezing little trailer.


I'm a writer.

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11 comments on “Uninspired — Let’s Talk About Content
  1. Wyrd Smythe says:

    I know what you mean about too many options making it hard to pick which one to write about. I have a whiteboard with 30+ large sticky notes, one per idea, and it can be very tough to decide which one I feel like writing about on any given day. And then there’s a pile of notes waiting to be cataloged and a notebook of half-baked ideas. Yikes!

    Sometimes I wish I could just plant the notes in a pot of “idea dirt,” water them and have them grow into posts all on their own. Ideas? Easy! Writing the damned posts? Much less so!

    • Paige Nolley says:

      LOL! Exactly!

      Of course, all my ideas are floating around in my head… I need a system. Oh! I have notecards! I can write all the ideas down, throw them in a bucket, and fish one out when I’m feeling bloggy!

  2. liamodell1 says:

    Congratulations! You have been nominated for a blog award! Visit thelifeofathinker.wordpress.com for more info!

  3. diannegray says:

    I think book reviews are excellent (particularly because you read so much). I received two book reviews today and they were only quite short (this means you don’t have to go on for pages).

    They are at http://rickmallery.wordpress.com and http://backontherock.wordpress.com/

    I love reading book reviews, some of them are quite involved, others quite simple – they can be funny or serious – I love the idea 😀

  4. Seth says:

    I feel your pain, I too sometimes find it difficult to come up with geniunely useful content that readers will appreciate. Beyond my rambilng and psychotic rants. Still, you have some good ideas here. I for one would love to read some of your reviews. I love it when someone else sorts through the masses to pick out the gems for me. By the way, Dianne’s books do look like gems 😛


    • Paige Nolley says:


      The fun part will be the books I didn’t pick for myself. If I’m asked to review a book (and it sounds interesting enough), I will read and review. But I will be honest in my review. So there is the possibility of rather scathing reviews. Particularly if I’m asked to review a book and the editing is so terrible I simply can’t finish it.

      My current read-for-review is definitely not bad. I am having trouble really forming an opinion about it, though. Hopefully the ending will clarify my opinions about it and I’ll be able to write a bunch of lovely things.

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