Three Sentence Thursdays – Zombie Edition the 2nd

Well, look at that. It’s a zombie me! (Made on my phone with the ZombieBooth Lite app.)

Is it Thursday, already? Good thing I threw down the gauntlet over Twitter last night with Heidi Garrett! We both spent way too much time procrastinating (and tweeting) yesterday, so a challenge was set. She would get through at least two chapters of revisions, and I would add at least 2,000 words to Romance and Zombies.

It worked! I wrote 2,300 new and usable words before 5pm. Go me.

So, here are your three sentences of the week. Pardon the lack of zombies, Dawn and Nick (our hero of sorts) are alone in a car.

Three Sentences:
She heard the knife cut through something, but felt nothing. Then, the man readjusted his grip and she heard the sound again. Slowly, Dawn hazarded a glance at the man’s face.

Not the best three sentences, but they’ll do.

I spent most of this week figuring out some much needed character backstories, playing on Twitter and Facebook, and working out yesterday’s award acceptance post. (There should be another acceptance post late tonight or this evening.) I didn’t get much added to Romance and Zombies because of all the other stuff driving me to distraction, but I’m quite pleased with the amount of work I got done today.

So, I suppose that’s about it for today. Except for the zombie question of the day:

Do you think fast zombies or slow zombies are more believable in movies?


I'm a writer.

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7 comments on “Three Sentence Thursdays – Zombie Edition the 2nd
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  2. Wyrd Smythe says:

    Slow zombies are more realistic given that they’re dead people, but fast ones are scarier. So I guess it depends on whether you want believable or gut-tightening fear!

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  4. Gotta’ go with slow zombies… which I actually find more terrifying because it is not that one, two, or even a group of ten would be a match for one healthy, adult human, it’s that one would face so much worse than ten-to-one odds. The slow yet inevitability of it all would be far more maddening. Just sayin’! 😉

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