Welcome potential someday readers!

So here’s the plan. I’ll write the novel, you’ll read about the process (and perhaps read some snippets here too) here, then we’ll see about some beta readers, make some editing, blurbs, and cover art happen, then publish to Kindle at least… If the novel turns out to be decent.

I’m brand new at this. I’ve never written anything more than a short story, but I have a mad love for words and my brain is just about bursting with ideas, so I figure it’s time to start making a body of work. Maybe I’ll come up with some short stories along the way to novel #1, but I tend to think in novel length and am much too addicted to extreme character development (Thank you, years of theatre) to be at all confident in my ability to write a whole story in a couple dozen pages.

The idea here is to take you, dear reader, along with me on the journey from wannabe to real deal… Or from zero to author… Something like that. I’ll gladly accept suggestions for anything and everything here too.

As it stands I’m a whole 1500 words into what I think will turn into a paranormal romance set in the Alaskan bush with a working title of Sleeping Lady Story. I don’t know if this will turn out to be a novella, a longer than average short story, a full length novel, or even a series or serial. I started it with no plan in mind whatsoever; not generally the brightest thing to do when one decides they’d like to write a novel, but the hero and heroine (at least their basic natures) popped into my head along with a rather pretty opening scene and I was overwhelmed with the need to write, so I jumped right in. So far, it’s going incredibly slowly, but well when I can be bothered to write.

In any case, welcome to my mind! And thank you muchly for taking the time to read this.


I'm a writer.

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11 comments on “Welcome potential someday readers!
  1. verasilver says:

    I’m looking forward to reading this blog! Best of luck to you!

    One thing I am going to say, and you can ignore this if you like.. but planning out plot points is really going to help you later on. Unless you are are extremely talented and can conjure up ideas out of nowhere when you’re halfway through (which you may be!) you’ll find it so much easier if you have a roadmap to refer to, so you know where your novel is up to and where it’s going.

    Even so, I can’t wait to read little bits, go post some extracts! And lots of luck!


    • paigenolley says:

      My first comment! Thank you, Vera!

      While I did practically grow up in a theater doing improv and the like, you are absolutely right about mapping things out. However, I might just keep flying by the seat of my pants and letting the characters lead me around discovering this world and who their enemies are… Until it stops working. Then I’ll see what I have, brainstorm, and plot from there. I’m not much of a linear thinker (and may have spent a few years role-playing on an MMORPG going the completely organic route and absolutely refusing to plan scenes or events unless the characters did the scheming) so coming up with an outline before something’s written often doesn’t work for me; at least, it hasn’t in the past.

      When the time comes, I’ll just have to find a method that does work for me. Perhaps something involving notecards or sticky notes and a giant piece of poster board. 😉

      • verasilver says:

        Well, best of luck. Many writers I have spoken to say they prefer not to plan, and don’t even come up with an ending until they’re writing it.

        I can’t imagine how a lack of plan can help people, but I certainly trust that with some people it does.

        Best of luck! Can’t wait to see your writing 🙂

      • paigenolley says:

        Exactly. It’s just the old plotter vs pantser debate. I’m somewhere in the middle I think, but probably more pantser than plotter.

      • verasilver says:

        Hey! The latest chapter of my story is up on my blog if you are interested in taking a look 🙂

  2. Chris says:

    Morning Paige
    I look forward to following your story through. Nothing wrong with flying by the seat of your pants when writing.

    • Paige Nolley says:

      Thanks for stopping by! I’m not absolutely a pantser, but I do have my moments.

      Don’t tell anyone but I might have spent all day yesterday jotting down character, plot, and world ideas for the potential zombie novel. 😉

  3. kristinapui says:

    Hey! Thanks for the follow, I’m new to the site and it’s heartening to know that there are others out in cyber land feeling the same sense of sheer determination and desperation to take the mesh of words in their mind and somehow order it into an epic story that others will love. Just from reading your blog posts I have found your voice to be strong and interesting, I’m sure any story of yours would be just as entertaining to read. By the way, Zombies for sure. That book wouldn’t just kick ass, it would eat it. Literally. Good luck with the words bud, stick to it.

  4. Sounds like agreat idea, blogging through your first book. I just finished mine this summer, BLOOD OF ISIS. It was a rocky ride but it’s actually quite easier than I thought it would be, the key was that I just needed to write more and think less.

    –Thanks for following my blog, Whimsically Yours, also feel free to check out my writer site, PatriceCaldwell.com

    Patrice 🙂

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